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March 2020 For No One

March’s track is Lennon and McCartney’s “For No One” sensitively sung by Ava Victoria on her CD ”Kickin Up Life”. Ava plays guitar, with Glen Swarts on harmonica. A skilled vocalist and vocal teacher well versed in the Great American Songbook and beyond, a longtime client and friend, Ava borrowed a classical and a steel string guitar for the CD’s recording sessions. Soon after it’s release many of us, much like today, saw our savings depleted, at least temporarily, during the 2008 recession. Rather than conservatively hunkering down, Ava gave me a call, asking if the classical she played was still available (it was), saying she was coming right down to get it, reasoning that she would use some of her remaining resources to get something not so easily spirited away. It’s her daily driver. “Unlike any of my other guitars, I can use it all day for arranging without my hands getting tired”.


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