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About John

For the past 43 years I've built and restored guitars in my shop in northern California. My goals have remained constant-to produce concert guitars with a broad tonal palette and wide dynamic range that both project well and respond sensitively to the mature player's varied touch. Since I was fortunate to have studied under a superb craftsman, Richard Schneider, from the beginning my instruments were well made and possessed to a great degree the characteristics I prize.


The ensuing years have graced me with the experience to refine and amplify my work. I've had the opportunity to restore and examine some of the finest instruments ever made. I've performed restorations on guitars by Antonio de Torres, Santos Hernandez, Herman Hauser I, Ignacio Fleta, Marcelo Barbero, and C. F. Martin from every era. I've also reversed the ravages of accidents, inept repair, and time for thousands of guitars by most of the major historic and contemporary makers. When an instrument impresses me, I look for contributing aspects of its construction. Conversely, when I find a guitar objectionable, I analyze it with equal care.

Satisfying a demanding and varied clientele for such a long time translates to instruments with comfortably shaped necks that play easily and in tune. Repairing structural damage caused by travel and climate has taught me where to reinforce or alter construction to make a guitar more stable, while still allowing it to sing. Improving the sound of already fine instruments has helped me do the same to my own. The resulting guitars are not a synthesis of the best , but my own vision informed by a large database empirically accrued.

You may learn more about my instruments in the Handmade Guitars section. Current available instruments with pictures and sound samples are in the Inventory. The Interview may give you more biographical and philosophical information than you want to know, and the Sound Gallery includes sound samples of current guitars along with recordings of my instruments made over the last forty years.

I am able to ship instruments  worldwide.

Please contact me with any questions.

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