Track of the Month

This month’s track is “A Felicidade”, by Antônio Carlos Jobim, with Jack Chan playing an arrangement by Roland Dyens.
A bit over 20 years ago Kai and Jade Chan came to my shop with their 7 year old son Jack to properly set up a fractional sized nylon string guitar they had purchased for his study with my friend Michael Goldberg.  It seemed not very long after that, when Ann Maria and I were enjoying a great Sunday brunch at Kai and Jade’s restaurant, a still diminutive Jack unobtrusively walked into the dining room, sat down, and began to assuredly and beautifully play that little guitar.
Over the years as he grew musically under Michael’s tutelage, I was able to supply him with a full size Spanish guitar, and, eventually, an older guitar of mine that I made in 1978 when I was 29 years old. 
This recording was done at a house concert, a high school graduation project. I love his spirited performance, a melding of technical and dynamic facility with youthful exuberance.  Jack decided to study economics at the University of Chicago as a basis for his career, keeping music his personal pleasure. He is now within a year or so of being as old as I was when I built his guitar.
As I age, I tend to savor remembering the people I’ve met over what I may or may not have accomplished.  Knowing Jack and his family, and seeing him place growing talent and love of music in personal perspective, has been truly gratifying.