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This month’s track is “Someone to Watch Over Me”, with Anthony Weller and Michael Rossi on classical guitar and tenor sax. Written for the musical “Oh, Kay” in 1926 by George and Ira Gershwin (title by Howard Dietz) as an up-tempo swing tune, it was subsequently recorded by singers starting in the 30’s as the slower ballad with which we’re more familiar today.
As much as I strive to make a nuanced, projecting solo instrument, it’s equally important for it to be a supportive ensemble presence. I’m grateful that this progeny of mine from 1979, in the hands of my dear friend Anthony, performing with his dear friend Mike, seems to “play well with others”.
I recently asked my daughter, Felicia, what single composer or performer she would take if marooned on an island. She said “Well, it would have to be someone with a lot of different moods, you’d have to pretty much like all of their stuff, and you’d definitely need some lyrics”.
In my case, while my head would push for the majestic glory of Bach, my heart would insist on the Gershwins.
Learn more about Anthony’s work as musician and author here:
Mike Rossi’s music can be explored here:
The cd containing this track, along with a cornucopia of other fine work, can be secured at either site.

Someone to Watch Over Me - Anthony Weller and Michael Rossi
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