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Track of the Month

This month’s track is a live video of “Bluish”, composed and performed by Woody Harris. The piece is part of a collection of two recent EP’s, BLUISH, and EDGEWORK.

In 1976, My 27 year-old self was making my first professional (for sale) guitar after completing my apprenticeship. Although I trained under a classical maker, my first instrument was to be a steel strung guitar that I hoped would possess some of the nuance and dynamism of a fine classical. Employing my limited intuition to a bracing system far from standard, I was surprised and gratified that it seemed to approach my goals; also thrilled that it ended up under the fingers of a fine, original player who more than did it justice. As time passed, I turned more to repair and restoration, and Woody to music editing, as more stable paths to raising families. Now, more than 40 years later, we’ve both come full circle, with my building full time, and his resuming composing and performing.


Technical wizardry is always a click away. A bit rarer is a unique musical spirit taking the time to intimately engage.


“This is all new music, a blend of classic, jazz and a dash of the blues - no life is spared this. My music is not ‘flashy’ - I am too old for that. The music is the story of my life in sounds intimately connected with your marvelous instrument - without which I would have no voice to speak of. It is at times modern, melodic and with improvisation, unfortunately I can’t give you a good comparison except to say it embodies threads of Debussy, Bill Evans, Miles Davis and shadows of my own music."


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