Track of the Month

This month’s track is Leo Brouwer’s “Un Dia de Noviembre”,  played by Drew Burgess.  An impromptu recording made during a morning practice session, it includes a surprise visit by Archibald, a usually shy neighborhood cat.  While I suspect opinions expressed by family, friends, and partisan clients are often modulated by affection for or general admiration of my work, the responses of animals are visceral, unfiltered, and unfailingly authentic.


When a client once told me, “Ever since I got your guitar, my dog doesn’t get up and leave the room when I start to play anymore”, I considered it one of the crowning achievements of my career. To see Drew’s tender rendition lure and retain the attention of a prowling feline, on a beautiful day with its myriad distractions, is beyond my wildest dreams.


In an era when artists are often dismayed to see their heartfelt music overshadowed by even the most mundane cat videos garnering millions of page views, I hope this gentle synthesis can bridge that gap.


Drew is also a fine artist and inspiring teacher. Learn about his work here:


I was also moved by his recent pairing of one of his own guitar compositions with sensitive editing of some of his family’s home movies from the fifties:

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