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Restoration & Repairs

At present I have been repairing and restoring instruments for over 40 years, from simple modifications to student guitars to complex restorations of rare, historically significant instruments. I’ve helped reverse the ravages of time, inept repair, and accidental damage to thousands of guitars by most current and historical makers, have a clear understanding of appropriate techniques for each building style, and extensive experience in just about anything bad that can happen to a guitar.


I’m always happy to examine instruments by appointment at no charge, and at that time schedule any work necessary. I’m typically booked several weeks in advance and most people prefer to keep their instrument until I’m ready for it. Rarely will I be the lowest quote on any job, as I’m meticulous, thorough, and careful to examine each instrument, addressing all the problems that may effect its playability or endanger its stability. I’m proud that I’m generally fussier than my clients and believe that a comprehensive approach to instrument care, while often being initially a bit more costly, is the best long term value. 

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