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April 2019 Sheila's Waltz

April’s track was “Sheila’s Waltz”, composed and played by guitarist George Cole, who wrote it for his wife. George lives about 3 blocks from my shop and decided to take me up on my offer to borrow a guitar for any recording project. He had previously recorded the backup at Fantasy Studios, played by the wonderful Quartet San Francisco. He came about 11am, borrowed a classic size steel string cutaway, and returned by 3:30 with the guitar and a first mix with both tracks. I was moved both by the beautiful music and how well the instrument had been played and recorded, fully showing off its strengths, totally in service to the piece. The final mix can be heard on the cd, but I’m sharing that first mix here. That guitar later got to take a field trip with George to Carnegie Hall to back a flautist at a flute festival.


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