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May 2019 Eleanor Rigby

May's track was John Dodge and Peter Zisa playing McCartney’s Eleanor Rigby (with a cameo by Grieg), from their demonstration mini-concert at the Northwest Handmade Musical Instrument Exhibit in Portland on May 5, 2019. John, on the left, is playing a recent short (635 mm ) scale classical of European spruce and Brazilian rosewood. Peter is playing a very (4 days old at the time) recent 650 scale classical of the same woods with a top aged at least 65 years. One of the reasons I’ve cherished having them demonstrate my instruments at the show over the last decade, beside their obvious skill, is their ability to transmit their affection for the material and their obvious joy in playing together. They’re both active in the Portland area and beyond. Peter and his partner Yukiko also host a concert series and annual multicultural holiday performance. You can read more about them at their respective websites: and

Also from the same session, another duet, Peter Zisa and John Dodge play "Sous le ciel de Paris "(Under Paris Skies)


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